Literary Cubism – A Non-Structured Composition For Twenty-to start with Century Storytelling

Literary Cubism – A Non-Structured Composition For Twenty-to start with Century Storytelling

The world moves more rapidly these days. From political sound bites to the most recent teen idol (who is it this week?) to the rolling scenes of songs videos, points come, things go, other factors get their area and then they, too, go.

But literature, superior literature, is meant for savoring. It lingers. Touches. Whispers. Extended immediately after the penned phrases are absent from view, they play songs in our minds. Herein lies the conundrum. How can twenty-initially century literature be fitted to a globe that moves more rapidly, to a community who wants and expects a crashing avalanche of ongoing enticement?

One reply: Literary cubism.

The Eleventh Edition of Merriam-Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary delivers a definition of cubism that describes an creative design of abstract composition which at the same time displays various elements of the exact item in fragmented variety.



The “very same object” in that doing work definition is my tale. The “multiple facets” and fragmented kinds which I display screen include things like poems, e-mail messages, own notes and legal documents, to identify a several. And, yes, you can find place and requirement for blocks of conventional prose in literary cubism.

Cubist creating is liberating. It provides to a writer’s toolbox for telling his or her tale. We have usually experienced description and dialogue to set scenes, to build moods, and to build dependable, compelling figures. It feels great to now have the textual content of an e-mail concept to do any or all of those people matters. We can also faucet into poems, individual notes, grocery lists, and any other type of prepared media. These can all be applied to great effect to display a way of living, to determine a character’s motives and psyche, or to paint the tensions and emotional contours of a partnership.

As I mentioned just before – liberating.

Enough about theories of liberated lingual expression how does literary cubism perform out in application? Fairly properly. In a nutshell, “Resolution 786” tells the story of a philosophical, emotionally wounded American engineer who finds himself in beat functions in the Iraq War though at the same time trying the Lord for crimes versus humanity in a courtroom setting. Literary cubism produced it achievable to generate the tapestry of a unified knowledge across these wildly disparate configurations, an expertise of spiritual self-realization in the context of a physical realization of human mortality. Cubism gave me license to acquire this multi-pronged storyline and to make my central themes utilizing a wide range of literary media presented from the views of many distinctive figures. In fact, a single vignette is composed mainly of a established of e-mail messages composed by the moms, wives, daughters, fans and girlfriends of the soldiers battling in Iraq. In crafting that component of the novel, I was struck by the blunt directness with which an writer can establish people and define relationships via e-mail messages.

But as significantly license as literary cubism bestows, there are still some “Do Not Travel” lanes on this literary freeway. Do not use incorrect grammar, spelling or punctuation (until you’re Cummings “sketching” a poem on to the web site). Do not use flat, un-intriguing prose. And, whatever you do, do not allow your concentration stray from telling a superior story. The grandest literary artistry is for naught if you fail to tell a great tale.

Certainly, with literary cubism, you operate risk of having your storyline devolve into un-integrated snippets of plot and tale, but you run the very same threat in classic prose. Re-producing, revising and re-imaging enrich the integration of your several media. And as just one of the characters in Resolution 786 describes though defending against the criticism of realism in Kafka’s The Metamorphosis:

“I you should not consider The Metamorphosis definitely took place. Samsa didn’t change into an insect. If he experienced turned into an insect, he would have stopped considering his individual consciousness. No, Samsa grew to become a human becoming who was trapped inside an insect, which is basically different than starting to be an insect. And as considerably as becoming practical, if a get the job done of inventive expression doesn’t have a classic construction, that doesn’t mean that, taken as a complete, it will not still have some valuable or normally instructive sort or substance.”

So go forward and wake up an insect. Go ahead and place the Lord on trial. And truly feel cost-free to use a cubist construction via it all.

I obtain literary cubism to be a sharp, clean and constantly exciting system for developing novels. Thinking about how rapid our environment moves right now, how flashed and multi-variant our entertainment media and preferences are, I am stunned that a lot more writers really don’t use cubism. It really is an great construction for story telling in the twenty-first century.