David Barney came to tell Kwame Mainu that cocaine had been found in the second fertility doll discovered in a police search of the combustion engine research laboratory where Nelson Evans Agyei had been working. The search had been very thorough and they were sure no more would be found. Nevertheless, it was bad enough; one carved wooden elephant and two fertility dolls had been used to import narcotics. When David had gone Kwame went to update his boss, Professor Tom Arthur.

‘He has Professor Thomas with him,’ Tom’s secretary, Alice Brown, said, ‘He’s usually not long, it might be worth waiting.’ Kwame picked up the Telegraph and settled to read but it was impossible to ignore the raised voices from the inner office.
‘Does Prof Thomas have a new problem?’ Kwame asked. ‘He’s heard about Miss Garg from Mrs Gupta and now he wants to travel to Ghana with Prof,’ the secretary replied.
The inner office door opened and a red-faced professor emerged. Ignoring the occupants of the outer office, he marched straight ahead through the outer door. ‘Ah Kwame,’ said Tom, ‘just the man I need.’
‘It’s good to be needed.’
‘Did Alice tell you?’
‘About Prof Thomas wanting to come to Kumasi?’
‘Why don’t you let him come? Everyone falls in love with Ghana. He won’t trouble us any more after that.’
‘It’s a heavy expense the project can’t afford.’
‘But Mick isn’t coming.’
‘Prof will cost us more; he likes to travel first class!’
‘It will be worth it in the long-run.’
‘I’m sure you’re right, Kwame.’

‘You didn’t come here to talk about Prof Thomas,’ Tom said.
‘No, I came to tell you about the fertility dolls.’
‘Is that what you call akuaba?’
‘Still not managing it then, Kwame?’
‘They’re not for me; they were brought by Nelson!’
‘With cocaine filling like the elephant?’
‘That’s what they tell me.’

Kwame explained to Tom how the first doll had been found by the laboratory technician when he was clearing out the storeroom. ‘I should have told you earlier but it slipped my mind when we discussed Sandra’s leave. At that time, it hadn’t been confirmed that it contained drugs.’
‘Who found the second one?’
‘Leon’s people, they carried out a thorough search.’
‘And they both contained cocaine!’
‘At least none of it was sold on the street.’
‘No, but all of it was found on our campus.’

Tom sat in silence, looking glum, but Kwame tried to see the glass half-full. ‘It’s still the same case, not a new one,’ he said, ‘and Leon’s people believe that the Kumasi couriers thought they were carrying wee, not hard drugs. We don’t expect any other cases to arise. Let Prof Thomas come and see for himself. We’ll explain everything that has been done in Kumasi to stop the drugs couriers as well as to select reliable visitors who won’t become illegal immigrants.’
‘Or impregnate our female staff?’
‘There’s not much we can do about that.’