PITTSBURG, Kan. — Over the last handful of months, Highway 69 just north of Pittsburg has been taken about by orange cones and construction zone indicators as the next leg of the long-predicted enlargement of Freeway 69 at last got underway. But it appears to be like the orange cones will be traveling north following Overland Park Town Council approved the building of express toll lanes involving 103rd street and 173rd street in the Johnson County city.  

In a 10-2 vote, the council accredited making express toll lanes on every facet of the freeway, with the hope that the lanes will assistance with the major congestion problem the section of the highway has during rush hour.  

According to 69Specific, a website created by the Kansas Division of Transportation, Kansas Turnpike Authority and the Metropolis of Overland Park detailing the growth of the part of Highway 69, as a substitute of opting for just increasing the road with more lanes with no tolls, making the express toll lanes — which could demand involving a $.50 and $1.75 for each trip — allows Overland Park financial reduction for the project.