When Chef Eric Adjepong sparked a conversation about African Diaspora even though on Leading Chef that foods discussion did not vanish after he packed his knives. Displaying how and why African flavors and recipes have and will continue to influence meals on the plate is a greater section of the culinary dialogue. As a result of this partnership with AYO Foods, much more persons will get a flavor of people recipes and will have a bigger appreciation for that food journey.

Food items tendencies ebb and stream. The fact is that just simply because just one tradition employs a individual identify for a dish or component doesn’t suggest that there isn’t a identical flavor or concept in a different culture. The thread that ties foods jointly isn’t limited to the verbal description. Honestly, the sentiment that connects individuals to foods is universal.

Recently, Chef Adjepong partnered with AYO Foodstuff to grow its line. Building on the founders’ household recipes, the two new dishes are Waakye (Beans and Rice) and Rooster Yassa. Whilst the names could not be on the tip of the tongue, the truth is that these flavors will deliver people to the table.

As AYO Founder, Perteet Spencer explained, “the African Diaspora is a rich culinary internet that connects cultures across the world and we’re passionate about sharing these recipes with people searching for a comforting taste of home.”

That sentiment about a style of property resonates by way of the AYO Food items line. It is extra than just introducing people today to a new foodstuff or taste. It is about developing a emotion just one dish at a time.

Chef Eric Adejong recipes AYO food items, image provided by AYO Meals

Chef Eric Adjepong shares why he decide on to companion with AYO Foods.

While Chef Adjepong experienced a thriving culinary job in advance of Leading Chef, his visual appeal on that foods television exhibit, and other displays, has afforded him the opportunity to be a powerful voice in the culinary local community. Though his food on the plate usually impresses, it is far more than just executing the great chunk. It is about expanding people’s understanding of the hows and whys foodstuff is linked to society.

For the duration of a modern discussion with Chef Adjepong, he commented that the “globalization of food items is remarkable. The influences of unique cultures” is everywhere and it is now a great time to embrace all the lively choices on the desk.

He thinks that AYO Food items identified the excellent harmony of championing classic flavors and recipes, although discovering a way to make it approachable to all those people just staring that culinary journey. Even though “the recipes deliver on the conventional sense,” there is the vibrancy and attractiveness that entices persons to find out extra.

When the flavors in these AYO Meals are daring, the actuality is that the tales that they explain to are very simple. Chef Adjepong claimed, these dishes are about “bringing family members alongside one another.” All those “simple joys” present “a minute of clarity, a minute of peace, a moment of fun.” Although all all those sentiments occur around a plate of food, that mission has a lasting affect long following the food is concluded.

Though emotions and sentiments can hook up folks all over the desk, the reality is that individuals are much more welcoming of the encounter. Chef Adjepong appreciates that “our neighborhoods and communities have develop into so eclectic.” Even though he is a skilled chef, his method of permitting elements spark that curiosity is a thought that any individual can adapt. From there, something is attainable.

From this partnership to his personal endeavors, Chef Adjepong has a purpose. He stated, “I genuinely want to do a great career to rejoice food items, various areas, diverse groups of communities, and symbolize Africa and African cuisine.” When he is really passionate about this variety of foodstuff, he certainly believes that as soon as individuals style these dishes, they will develop into enthralled with the flavors and stories on the plate. A lot more importantly, he thinks that they will grow to be portion of people’s palate.

And, because people today will need a fantastic dish to commence this culinary journey, Chef Adjepong recommends the chicken yassa. For people unfamiliar with this dish, he describes the flavors as “hints of lemon and mustard, ginger and garlic.” The braising offers “a gorgeous texture on that hen.” Served with jasmine rice and a mustard yellow onion sauce, it is the ideal accompaniment.

If that food items description has designed you hungry, the Chicken Yassa and the other dishes from the AYO Foods line are available at various shops provided Entire Food items, Kroger and more.


Which West Africa dishes are you fired up to attempt? Do you locate that sure meals and flavor cross cultures?