Mildred Stinaff’s appreciate for flying was as distinct as the sky was blue.

Wearing a leather helmet and goggles, she skimmed the clouds in a biplane as the Ohio landscape stretched to the horizon. The ground underneath resembled a patchwork quilt. Sunlight glinted off distant lakes.

The drone of the motor, the hum of the propeller and the whoosh of the wind established a joyful cacophony. It was totally superb and all way too fleeting.

Millie, as her pals termed her, experienced dreamed of flying considering the fact that she was a tiny woman. 

Born in Akron on Sept. 13, 1911, she was the daughter of Charles Henry Stinaff and Lillian Could Stinaff and the child sister of Charles Jr. and Girdwood Stinaff.

She grew up in the aviation age. Only a few months just before Millie was born, 50,000 spectators experienced crowded Summit Lake to observe New York aviator Glenn H. Curtiss land a “hydro-aeroplane” on the drinking water. It was the very first glimpse of mechanical flight for a lot of Akron inhabitants.